Facials & Peels

We offer a variety of facials and peels to meet all your skincare needs!

Facials & Peels

If you need answers to you skin concerns and want to know what to schedule or have a compromised immune system and need a good skin care routine at home I can assist you in a plan of action to help you meet your skin care goals. Book your free 15-minute consultation below to find out which facial or peel is right for you and your skin's needs!

Classic European Facial

A Classic European Facial is a deep cleansing, pampering facial treatment that exfoliates and nourishes the skin to leave it looking more youthful and glowing. It incorporates traditional methods with modern techniques to help improve the appearance of skin and prevent signs of aging.

The process is tailored specifically for each individual, but generally includes: cleansing; exfoliating; steaming; using specialized products and techniques to remove blackheads and other impurities, such as extractions; facial massage with oils or creams specifically designed for the skin type; followed by a mask, toner, moisturizer and sunblock.

The cleansing part of the treatment is usually done with high-quality cleansers that are recommended specifically for your skin type. The exfoliating part of the treatment removes dead skin cells and refines the texture by using either a scrub, an enzyme peel or a microdermabrasion machine to gently resurface the skin. This helps to further improve the condition of your complexion and promote healthy cell regeneration.

The steaming phase is used to open pores in order to more effectively remove impurities and blackheads. This part of the treatment is followed by extractions, which use specialized tools to manually remove the blackheads from your skin. After your facial has been cleaned and all impurities have been removed, a professional massage with gentle moisturizing products specifically designed for your skin type is performed. The massage helps to increase circulation, relax muscles and even out skin tone.

Treatment Price: $150

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